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Ka‘anapali 2020's Vision Statement

Ka‘anapali 2020 Will Have Places. What kind of places?

Places to work, public places, places to play, places to learn, quiet places, private places, places to till the soil, places to preserve our heritage, places to exercise, places to shop, places to relax, fun places, places to gather our families, places to grow things, places to live, places to walk or bike, places to get well, places to protect our resources, places to raise our families, places to remember, green places, places to visit,
places to be proud of!

Ka‘anapali 2020—Making It Pono

Click here to view details of the Masterplan (in PDF format).

Rendering of the proposed acute care medical facility
Kaanapali Land Management Corp. Video

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about Ka‘anapali 2020's past, present and future. 







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